There are many CD burner applications on the market today so even though it doesn't top the list, Power2Go makes an appearance on our list of the top 10 best burner software programs. It doesn't have everything we look for when we review products in this category. However, it has everything you need to make copies of your favorite CDs, create data discs and rip content locked inside commercial discs.

As soon as you have Power2Go installed on your machine, the benefits of the application are almost immediately apparent. Not only does it give you the ability to copy, burn and back up CDs, but also DVDs, HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs.

The software enables you to make exact copies of unprotected DVDs with no hassle whatsoever. Unfortunately, it doesn't come equipped with CSS decryption tools. That means you won't be able clone commercial DVDs. If you already have the video files on your hard drive, or if you have home videos you want to burn to discs, this application will work well. There are even a few features that help with authoring DVDs. One thing it lacks is the ability to convert the files to AAC, which is the file format for iPods.

This CD burning application uses drag-and-drop technology so you shouldn't have a hard time choosing exactly which files you want to copy. It comes with instructions that step you through the various settings to make sure you get the exact copy you want. Whether you want to make a straight 1:1 copy or just choose the tracks that you want from your CD, this application can do it.

We didn’t have any problems installing the software. It steps you through the process so you can be sure to do it right. It only takes a short time, but there is one aspect about the installation that we didn't like. It requires an additional download of software called DirectX. While there are plenty of applications that require this download, we didn't like the fact that the software required a third-party install.

There is plenty of help and support from the manufacturer. They have documentation that we found comprehensive and organized. They also have an email support form so you can contact customer support directly to receive personalized answers to any questions you have about the application. They replied in a timely fashion and provided all the information we asked them.

Power2Go Summary:

This is a capable application, but one of the main reasons why it didn't rank higher is that it doesn't include all of the DVD features found in other applications. Power2Go has plenty of options when it comes to copying CDs, and we liked that it was easy to install, apart from the third-party add-on. Overall, this application does what it says it will and you will get good results when copying CDs.


Power2Go 8

It works with CDs, DVDs, HD DVDs and Blu-rays.

It requires you to install DirectX in order for it to work.

The Verdict
: 4.03/10

Power2Go covers all the basics but doesn't include some of the fancier features found in other products.